Mary Ellen Flesher Pranasoma

Denver Life Coach and Breathwork Mary Ellen Flesher

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Who do you work with?

I work with busy women and men who are going through a life transition. They are on a personal growth journey to discover who they truly are underneath family conditioning and societal expectations. They’re no stranger to working on themselves and are ready to reach the next level and enjoy inner peace and loving connections.


What do you help people with?

I help people who struggle with stress, overwhelm, and burnout to uncover the root cause of “burning it at both ends”. I support them to heal what’s underneath the stress so they can relax and find a sustainable balance of work, family, and play. Often my clients’ lives look perfect on the outside and on the inside there’s self-doubt, racing thoughts, and feelings of disconnection. If this sounds like you schedule a Discovery Call and we can discuss what else is possible!


What is your approach to coaching?

I believe the answers we are seeking are inside of us. My approach is to help my clients look within and discover their own answers. I also know that to feel whole and empowered we must bridge the body, mind and soul. I work with all levels of being: mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual.


What can I expect working with you?

I am deeply empathetic, intuitive, and compassionate. I’ve done my own deep transformative work (and continue to) and am honored to hold space for others going through their own growth spurts. A big part of the work is the relational container that we create together–a safe space of curiosity. You can expect powerful questions, gentle reflections, non-judgment, care and compassion.