Winner 2024 Best of Mile High

Voted #1 Coaching Service

Winner 2024 Best of Mile High

Voted #1 Coaching Service

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It’s time to love the life you’ve worked so hard for

If you’re a high-achieving professional who’s critical of yourself and you’re spinning in overwhelm, keep reading … 

Not only are you critical of yourself – others get on your nerves and it creates tension in relationships.

At times you feel out of control and just need some mental peace and quiet.

Your heart knows beating yourself up isn’t the answer and craves deeper connections to those who matter most.

You deserve to feel as good on the inside as your life looks on the outside and I can help you get there.

If you’re ready to…

  • enjoy loving relationships, beginning with yourself
  • create mental peace and quiet
  • love this life you’ve worked so hard for

…book a call with Mary Ellen, Life Coach in Denver and Online, to explore the possibilities.

Watch this series of short videos to get a peek into what it’s like working with Denver Life Coach Mary Ellen

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You can feel as good on the inside as your life looks on the outside.


The human mind is hard wired for negativity.

It’s called the negativity bias of the brain and it takes an out-of-the-box process to rewire the brain for joy and connection.

Your brain and body are trying to keep you safe and looking out for danger (the negative) is one way they do that.

You were likely conditioned somewhere along the way to be perfect, do “it” all right, please others, manage their emotions or put others needs before your own.

And when you can’t do those things the mind has a way of making up beliefs that you’re not good enough or lovable enough or safe enough.

These beliefs run in the background, and when triggered, your subconscious mind plays out the patterns that worked in the past (but are probably not working any more). This keeps you feeling stuck and unhappy.

Undoing Self-Sabotage

When your life is driven by beliefs that are untrue about yourself and the world you can subconsciously sabotage what you desire. Common patterns of self-sabotage can be judging, playing the victim, perfectionism, people-pleasing, avoiding and/or controlling.

The results of self-sabotage can be:

  • overworking and burnout
  • disconnection from loved ones
  • messing up an opportunity
  • being stuck in overwhelm

In order to undo these patterns you have to change your thoughts, beliefs, and/or actions.

My style of somatic life coaching (holistic body/mind approach) helps you get to the root cause of pesky patterns: the subconscious false belief system.

Once you rewire your beliefs to be more empowering your life begins to change with ease.

During the coaching process I help you raise awareness of unhelpful patterns and change the inner (thoughts/beliefs) and outer (actions) in order to get better results in life.

Much of the “work” is uncovering the false belief system and creating an Empowered Belief System. Once you do that your actions begin to change organically and you get better, more desired outcomes. That’s the magic of transformational life coaching!

“Mary Ellen was warm and caring in her coaching style. She asked thoughtful questions and helped me achieve clarity and hone in on what is most important to me. I always left our sessions feeling energized and ready to take on whatever was coming my way.”
Transformation Workbook

Learn more about the transformation process and get started with the first step.

Download the How to Create an Empowered Belief System workbook.

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