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Go from stressed + burned-out to calm + content

(no matter how long you’ve been trying)

A happy life doesn’t happen “out there” by managing, perfecting, and doing more. That’s a recipe for burnout and disconnection. Happiness is an inside out job.

During life coaching and breathwork sessions I coach you through a unique process and teach you tools to let go of stress and burnout and bring a sense of peace, happiness, and fulfillment into your life for good.

Learn the best process to stop chronic stress, self-doubt, and feeling stuck

You don’t have to live with stress, self-doubt, and repeating patterns. There’s a way out. In this guide you’ll learn how to finally let go of negative emotions even if you’ve been feeling this way for years.

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Transformation Workbook
Ashley HillAshley Hill
14:48 16 Nov 22
SO many aha moments with Mary Ellen! She has a way of connecting with you that enables you to really get at the heart of what you're trying to work on. Throughout the years, I've dabbled in therapy, increased my self care and read lots of books to better my life. Within a couple months, Mary Ellen helped me not only answer some life long questions but also provided me with the tools to sustain some much needed habit changes in my life. I've never felt so whole and content with who I am. Absolutely recommend, hands down!
Erin YourtzErin Yourtz
00:30 14 Nov 22
I've been doing breathwork sessions with Mary Ellen for a few months and the experience has been deeply transformative. Mary Ellen is a gifted guide and one of the most gentle, open, compassionate and nurturing people I have met. I highly recommend her!
Kate AndersenKate Andersen
00:03 11 Jul 21
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary Ellen several times over the last several months and it’s made a huge impact for me. The breath work she teaches has helped me become more aligned with body and mind. Not only is Mary Ellen wonderful at what she does but she is an amazing soul. She exudes such warmth and makes you feel so comfortable when you’re most vulnerable. I’m so grateful to her!
Cree CornejoCree Cornejo
17:38 15 Sep 20
After going through quite a few ups and downs in my personal and professional life, I reached out to Mary Ellen for support in the process of getting to the root of the consistent blocks and issues coming up in my life. I have several supportive practices such as meditation and yoga in my life that help me keep a balance, but these tools couldn't get me where I needed to go in the way that working with Mary Ellen did. She offers an extremely safe container for profound emotional work and is a compassionate observer and teacher in the process. Through our sessions, Mary Ellen assisted in navigating me into the corners of myself I didn't know how to access previously and, most importantly, taught me how to care for those parts of myself that needed my attention. Working with Mary Ellen is a beautiful and revelatory experience that I would recommend to anyone who needs assistance in seeing what has been blocking them from personal goals and dreams and is ready to find a way through them.
00:34 19 Apr 19
I didn't know what to expect when I first decided to get a life coach, all I knew is that I was ready for a change in both myself and my habits. Looking back, I can confidently say that I not only got that change I was yearning for, but I received more. The sessions are so empowering and I really recommend life coaching to anyone and everyone. I loved my experience, as I guarantee anyone who has Mary Ellen as their coach will too.
Rachel BellingerRachel Bellinger
16:02 13 Dec 18
Mary Ellen is a talented, intuitive and powerful guide, coach, and breath worker. I've had incredibly powerful breath work sessions with her resulting in incredible shifts in my health as well as in my career and overall mindset and wellness. She always has spot on insights that help integrate my sessions, and the energy work she does is very healing. I'd highly recommend her for anyone wanting to go deep, clear out energetic and subconscious blocks in the body, and cultivate clarity on anything you desire!
Brittney MilcherBrittney Milcher
17:54 14 Dec 17
Everyone should have Mary Ellen in their lives. She has helped me confront my battles and learn to love them. I have achieved so many goals since working with her. I can honestly say i wouldn't be the woman I am today if it wasn't for her and her work. She helps you identify things and work through them. I was lost, irratable, Enraged, overwhelmed, and full of anxiety. I couldn't figure out why. She has helped me conquer those things and be able to deal with those emotions. So I can live a better life. I will continue to see Mary. She is constant, kind, calm, smart, and very talented.

Coach Mary Ellen

Empowering busy professionals to calm an overactive mind, avoid burnout and improve relationships.


Pranasoma Coaching


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PRANA = Life Force / Breath 

SOMA = Body


Pranasoma is all about bringing the energetic (mind, emotions, soul) into the physical (body, present moment) to stand in wholeness and embody the true self that is beyond fear, resistance, and insecurities.

Here you’ll experience a unique blend of deep personal exploration, body-based, somatic coaching, breathwork, and emotional, nervous system and energetic healing. 

You’re in the right place if you’ve ever thought…
“I can see the patterns I want to change but I just can’t seem to change them.”

Body-based coaching will help you integrate what you mentally know into embodied knowing so it’s accessible even in moments of stress.

Interested in working together? Let’s connect!

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Book my calendar for a 30-60 minute call. Gain clarity about what your true desires are, what’s getting in the way, and what it’s like to work with me.

I can’t wait to get to know you a bit and discuss what’s possible working together!

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Choose a coaching program

I’ll guide you through a process of core wound healing, roadblock clearing, and integrating through working with the wisdom of the body.

Commit to the process and experience positive shifts in your life.

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Enjoy the rewards of healing + integrating

Results are a quiet inner-critic, trust in yourself and intuition, and a deeper connection to self and the relationships that truly matter.

When you heal mind/body/soul you show up differently in life and you get better results. It’s the magic of transformation work!