Winner 2024 Best of Mile High

Voted #1 Coaching Service

Winner 2024 Best of Mile High

Voted #1 Coaching Service

Relationship & Career Vitality Mind Body Energy Coaching with Coach Mary Ellen



Reduce stress and enjoy the present moment with Positive Intelligence®


When you experience chronic stress, overwhelm, and challenges in relationships you likely feel stuck because deep grooves in the brain have you focusing on the problems and repeating thoughts and behaviors that are unhelpful.

To rewire the neural networks of the brain you must develop positive habits that involve mind and body. It’s one thing to see the patterns, it’s a whole other thing to be able to change the patterns during stressful moments.

That’s where the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program comes in:

  • Build your mental muscles for emotional resilience, self-confidence, and positive social connections
  • 6-week mental fitness course inside a state-of-the-art app
  • Create a positive mindset with short daily practices
  • Plus 8-weeks of private or group coaching for accountability and deepening what you learn

What clients are saying about the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Bootcamp

“I highly recommend the PQ Mental Fitness Program with Coach Mary Ellen. It’s great for anyone who could use improvement in their life and/or to discover which personal Saboteurs are holding you back. Mary Ellen will gently guide you through the process in an insightful and non-judgmental way. You’ll feel fully supported with your weekly check-in calls and she’ll be right by your side to answer any questions that come up along the way.

As a result of doing this program, I have a more deep understanding of what’s at play with some of my major lifelong issues and real tools to work on improving them. I feel a boost in my self-confidence and a reduction in an extreme avoidance dynamic. I truly feel that ANYONE could benefit from this well thought out and easy to navigate program. The PQ app is a huge bonus to give you tools and visuals to keep you on track. Try it out, you won’t regret it!”


– Client in Denver, CO

The Power of Positive Intelligence®

The PQ program is a powerful tool to catch and change patterns of self-sabotage and to live life from your wise center.

When I took this course I knew it was something that I wanted to offer my clients.

I experienced huge improvements in my habitual thoughts and feelings. In the first week I was recognizing how prominent the inner judge was in my life and how much discomfort it created. By the end of the course I felt like a new woman! 

I’ve continued on with the program and am experiencing lasting positive effects. The most noticeable is my confidence is through the roof in a way I’ve never experienced before. My mind is also much calmer and I’m in a really happy place.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be offering the Mental Fitness Bootcamp to my clients!