Winner 2024 Best of Mile High

Voted #1 Coaching Service

Winner 2024 Best of Mile High

Voted #1 Coaching Service

Relationship & Career Vitality Mind Body Energy Coaching with Coach Mary Ellen



Working with Mary provided the necessary grounding to process a painful and unexpected life event with grace, dignity and a deeper understanding of how life happens for us rather than to us.

Participating in the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program also provided the tools to rewire neural pathways and reinforce how to shift my perspective from multiple sabotaging thoughts including victimhood to a sage mind. I’ve done many types of meditation and neural reprogramming programs, but the PQ work can be done anywhere and at anytime. That was what made the PQ work particularly effective!

Across our 8 sessions, I felt safe enough to let my guard down and process difficult emotions. I began to identify and understand the patterns; this provided context to make healthier choices this time around.

One of the many ways Mary held space for me is to ask soulful and meaningful questions – this redirected myself back to what I already knew to be true. Her session notes afterwards would remind me of our conversation. At one point, the notes served as a reminder of a truth and promise that was important for me to keep – I was able to honor it after reading and continue on a path of healing rather than revert back to harmful patterns.

Working with Mary came into my life at such an important time. I know it was a divinely guided opportunity. Thank you, Mary.


“Mary Ellen has provided me the space to feel comfortable going inward towards self discovery. Her unique methods are powerful – she guides you toward exploration and healing. I have learned about parts of myself that may never have had a voice if it wasn’t for my coaching sessions with Mary Ellen! I am now able to use the work I’ve done to live my life in a more authentic and healthy way. The breakthroughs you will have with Mary Ellen can be life changing. I highly recommend her coaching, it can be incredibly helpful!


“Mary Ellen has been vital to my personal and professional growth this past year. It has been incredibly useful to learn my why, and how to navigate away from patterns and behaviors that are unconscious and have been contributing to my progress in different ways. It hasn’t been easy to learn about myself, but Mary Ellen’s patience and sensitive approach has lead me to trust her implicitly and be more willing to grow, evolve, and change than I ever have before. Thank you Mary Ellen!!


“I approached my journey with Mary Ellen not really knowing what ‘coaching’ would entail. I only knew that I needed help and the therapists I had worked with before weren’t cutting it.

As a very ‘heady’ person, I had done the work to understand a lot of my triggers and actions and their roots, but that knowledge didn’t enact any change in my emotions or life. I came across Mary Ellen when looking for someone who could help me actually turn that understanding into change by working with my breath and body, not just my thoughts.

I feel so incredibly lucky that I found her, because she has done exactly what I was looking for. She helped me start the journey to get out of my head and into my body and connect with the inner child inside of me that has unmet needs. We were able to work through everything from inner teenage anger to my current professional goals. I am very grateful for her professionalism, vulnerability, and dedication to helping me work through my challenges.

As a result of working with her for the past 4 months I feel lighter and like I finally understand the path I need to be on to heal and create the life I truly want. While there is still work I need to do, Mary Ellen helped me understand and appreciate the journey; leaving me feeling optimistic for my future self (something I would not have been able to say 4 months ago).

M. C. – Denver, CO

“I am so grateful to have worked with Mary in a program for emotional intelligence; the PQ Mental Fitness Program.

We had weekly sessions and she guided me through the program which helped me be so positive and less negative in my daily life.

I became aware of one part of my personality that I had no idea existed. Just identifying that was so cool because it helped me understand why I react the way I do. It showed me that even as an older adult I can learn and grow.

Mary has a coaching approach that is understanding, empathetic, and guiding without judgement; which brings insightful dialogue. This was extremely helpful and I have more tools now for my anxiety and restlessness and feel less negative and more positive.

“SO many aha moments with Mary Ellen! She has a way of connecting with you that enables you to really get at the heart of what you’re trying to work on. Throughout the years, I’ve dabbled in therapy, increased my self care and read lots of books to better my life. Within a couple months, Mary Ellen helped me not only answer some life long questions but also provided me with the tools to sustain some much needed habit changes in my life. I’ve never felt so whole and content with who I am. Absolutely recommend, hands down!


Watch this series of short videos to get a peek into what it’s like working with Denver Life Coach Mary Ellen

How do you feel as a result of coaching with Mary Ellen?

What are some lessons you’ve learned?

Why did you come to coaching?

How would you describe Mary Ellen’s coaching style?

What did you like about the app-based Mental Fitness Bootcamp?

What might you say to a friend who was considering coaching with Mary Ellen?

“After going through quite a few ups and downs in my personal and professional life, I reached out to Mary Ellen for support in the process of getting to the root of the consistent blocks and issues coming up in my life. I have several supportive practices such as meditation and yoga in my life that help me keep a balance, but these tools couldn’t get me where I needed to go in the way that working with Mary Ellen did.

She offers an extremely safe container for profound emotional work and is a compassionate observer and teacher in the process. Through our sessions, Mary Ellen assisted in navigating me into the corners of myself I didn’t know how to access previously and, most importantly, taught me how to care for those parts of myself that needed my attention.

Working with Mary Ellen is a beautiful and revelatory experience that I would recommend to anyone who needs assistance in seeing what has been blocking them from personal goals and dreams and is ready to find a way through them.”


“A friend had recommended Breathwork to me a year ago and a few months ago I decided to try it out. I googled Breathwork in Denver and found Mary Ellen.

I knew within 5 minutes of the consultation that I wanted to work with Mary Ellen. She had a very calming and grounded presence and I immediately felt comfortable and safe.

My first breathwork session blew my mind, and I signed up for additional sessions. Mary Ellen walks you through the process, and even though I was a bit skeptical, I decided to trust and go with it and I’m so glad I did.

I’ve been able to get in tune with my body, and recognize signs of what’s going on with me through physical manifestations in my body. It’s helped me to tap into my strength throughout my life – including work.

If you’ve been thinking about breathwork, or want to try something to improve your mental health – I highly recommend Breathwork and HIGHLY recommend working with Mary Ellen!”


“The Breathwork experience was priceless. I felt the release of stagnate energy and have been conscious about speaking kinder to myself. Also realizing that I don’t need validation. I have a lot to offer. And it’s okay if I’m misunderstood ; ) I will always remember you saying that. Sometimes it’s the simplest (yet profound) things someone says that really resonate and implant themselves into the psyche. 

You have been a shining light to work with. I know the universe guided me to find you.”

Kristin B.

Curious how Life Coach Mary Ellen can help you reduce stress, be more present with who and what you love, and up-level your work, life and relationships?

“Mary Ellen is wonderful. I keep coming back for breathwork. She listens and supports my intentions. I am so grateful to have met her.


“I’ve been doing breathwork sessions with Mary Ellen for a few months and the experience has been deeply transformative. Mary Ellen is a gifted guide and one of the most gentle, open, compassionate and nurturing people I have met. I highly recommend her!


“I did a breathwork session with Mary Ellen and it was truly amazing. I didn’t know what to expect and she guided me through the process and made me feel completely comfortable with the work. It was a transformational experience which I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in breathwork.


“I highly recommend the PQ Mental Fitness Program with Coach Mary Ellen. It’s great for anyone who could use improvement in their life and/or to discover which personal Saboteurs are holding you back. Mary Ellen will gently guide you through the process in an insightful and non-judgmental way. You’ll feel fully supported with your weekly check-in calls and she’ll be right by your side to answer any questions that come up along the way.

As a result of doing this program, I have a more deep understanding of what’s at play with some of my major lifelong issues and real tools to work on improving them. I feel a boost in my self-confidence and a reduction in an extreme avoidance dynamic. I truly feel that ANYONE could benefit from this well thought out and easy to navigate program. The PQ app is a huge bonus to give you tools and visuals to keep you on track. Try it out, you won’t regret it!”

Denver, CO 

“I have found breathwork to be an incredible tool in my ascension journey. While I have meditated and done breathwork on my own for quite some time, my work with Mary Ellen has taken me to another level. Her gentle, yet powerful, guidance has allowed me to experience a deeper connection with my guides, release held emotions, and the bliss that comes from a direct knowing of Source. The effects are lasting. I highly recommend working with Mary Ellen in any way you can!

Julie T.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary Ellen several times over the last several months and it’s made a huge impact for me. The breath work she teaches has helped me become more aligned with body and mind. Not only is Mary Ellen wonderful at what she does but she is an amazing soul. She exudes such warmth and makes you feel so comfortable when you’re most vulnerable. I’m so grateful to her!


“I am LOVING your breath works, they are really helping me feel more grounded and in my body again. I am actually feeling productive for the first time in a while. Seriously thank you once again for offering this gift, it’s already been so tremendously helpful.”

Calie D.

Mary Ellen is a talented, intuitive and powerful guide, coach, and breath worker. I’ve had incredibly powerful breath work sessions with her resulting in incredible shifts in my health as well as in my career and overall mindset and wellness. She always has spot on insights that help integrate my sessions, and the energy work she does is very healing. I’d highly recommend her for anyone wanting to go deep, clear out energetic and subconscious blocks in the body, and cultivate clarity on anything you desire!


“Thank you Mary Ellen!  I have engaged in a series of Breathwork sessions with Mary Ellen and each one has been uniquely powerful. I am on an incredible journey of growth and transformation and incorporating Breathwork has enhanced and deepened this journey. Those moments of stillness, of detoxification, and of simply being present are so precious in this very fast-paced and noisy world. The health benefits of deep breathing are numerous from increasing your oxygen, to increased energy, to a better sleep at night. Mary Ellen provides a warm, welcoming and gentle environment as she expertly guides you through each session. She truly is a positive support to anyone seeking to strengthen their health and give love to their body, mind and spirit.”

Casandra B.

“Mary Ellen is an amazing breathwork coach! The work really is transformative and I highly recommend working with her. She holds a beautiful space for the transformation to happen!!!”


“I’ve had powerful / shifting experiences with Mary Ellen. She is a skilled guid and I can’t recommend her services enough.”


Mary has helped me get to a place I have been searching for my whole life. She is patient and understanding and a pleasure to work with. I am truly grateful she came into my life.”


“My breathwork sessions with Mary have been very expanding for me. After one session I felt energized and it opened up hours of productivity and focus. Another one was completely different, and it felt like, in effect, a therapy session. The rhythm of the breathing and the music combined moved my body in a way that connected so fully with my mind; I had flashes of my week and all the things that were troubling me, those memories created this full connection to them and I felt a release from the anxiety and angst. Afterwards I felt so light and free from the collective grief in the world and felt closer to my compassion for myself and those around me. I am so grateful for what Mary is providing, both her energy and the creation of her sessions.”


I had absolutely no idea that breathwork could be this powerful! I have had the good fortune of working with Mary on multiple occasions, and while all of the sessions were powerful most notably I had an experience over the summer that had me so strongly jarred I was in physical and emotional shock, after a session or two with Mary I felt lighter than I was before the experience; able to face the challenge and back to enjoying life.”


I am so happy and grateful I found Mary Ellen to help me on my journey. I had tried breathwork in Sedona and while I didn’t love it, I wanted to continue the practice in Denver. Mary Ellen makes it that I want to show up and allow myself to feel, heal, and just be.

Mary Ellen is warm, caring, encouraging, professional, and loving. I feel supported during our breathwork sessions and I always look forward to seeing her. She has given me the tools and confidence to continue breathwork on my own, as another tool in my recovery. Thank you Mary Ellen!


“Everyone should have Mary Ellen in their lives. She has helped me confront my battles and learn to love them. I have achieved so many goals since working with her. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for her and her work. She helps you identify things and work through them. I was lost, irritable, Enraged, overwhelmed, and full of anxiety. I couldn’t figure out why. She has helped me conquer those things and be able to deal with those emotions. So I can live a better life. I will continue to see Mary. She is constant, kind, calm, smart, and very talented.”


“Mary Ellen was warm and caring in her coaching style. She asked thoughtful questions and helped me achieve clarity and hone in on what is most important to me. I always left our sessions feeling energized and ready to take on whatever was coming my way.”

“Breathwork is a pretty fascinating experience and Mary Ellen is an amazing guide for the journey.”


“Mary Ellen’s clarity and awareness is exceptional. I recommend her highly.”


“Loved this experience! Mary Ellen is a wonderful guide and person.”


“I didn’t know what to expect when I first decided to get a life coach, all I knew is that I was ready for a change in both myself and my habits. Looking back, I can confidently say that I not only got that change I was yearning for, but I received more. The sessions are so empowering and I really recommend life coaching to anyone and everyone. I loved my experience, as I guarantee anyone who has Mary Ellen as their coach will too.”


Curious how Life Coach Mary Ellen can help you reduce stress, be more present with who and what you love, and up-level your work, life and relationships?