Winner 2024 Best of Mile High

Voted #1 Coaching Service

Winner 2024 Best of Mile High

Voted #1 Coaching Service

Relationship & Career Vitality Mind Body Energy Coaching with Coach Mary Ellen

Balance your body, mind, heart & soul

Everything is energy. Our physical reality is made up of tiny little particles all vibrating at different rates to create what we experience though our senses. Even our thoughts and emotions are made of energy. This energy, qi or life force is what flows through us and animates us into being.

Our physical and mental health is dependent on the ability of this life force energy to flow freely. When our energy system becomes blocked the qi can’t flow and that’s when issue can arise.

Reiki is a form of energy work that aids in balancing your entire energetic system. This healing modality allows the practitioner to channel life force energy, prana or qi through their hands to another person, animal or plant. The energy is then utilized by the receiver to heal itself in what ever form it needs most.

This type of healing is especially helpful in reducing stress and anxiety that can trigger other mental or physical dis-ease. It’s also a wonderful preventative practice to keep your energetic system balanced to avoid illness.

Reiki is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. Always consult your doctor about any medical concerns.

If energy healing is something you are curious about I recommend experiencing it first hand to see for yourself how it feels and what benefits you receive.

I offer energy work during all Breathwork and Private Coaching sessions. Schedule a Discovery Call to learn more and determine what service is right for you.

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