“Thank you Mary Ellen!  I have engaged in a series of Breathwork sessions with Mary Ellen and each one has been uniquely powerful. I am on an incredible journey of growth and transformation and incorporating Breathwork has enhanced and deepened this journey. Those moments of stillness, of detoxification, and of simply being present are so precious in this very fast-paced and noisy world. The health benefits of deep breathing are numerous from increasing your oxygen, to increased energy, to a better sleep at night. Mary Ellen provides a warm, welcoming and gentle environment as she expertly guides you through each session. She truly is a positive support to anyone seeking to strengthen their health and give love to their body, mind and spirit.”

Casandra Bryant


“Mary Ellen facilitates a wonderful breath workshop. I have attended many different styles of breathing workshops over the years and Mary Ellen’s are my favorite. Gentle, playful and very, deeply transformative.”

Michael Cutter

Sound Healer, of Sound, Body & Mind

“Mary Ellen is an incredible facilitator. She creates an authentically safe, fun, and sacred space with which to explore all of the healing and growth possibilities that lie within this amazing form of Breathwork. If you’ve been curious about Breathwork or are simply open to new avenues of personal growth, then I highly suggest checking out one of Mary Ellen’s workshops!”

Tara Nasira

“In the Breath of Bliss workshop, Mary Ellen allows herself to be vulnerable and creates a comfortable space of acceptance, weaving the participants together in a series of blissful loving exercises that prepares us for a powerful breathing experience. Twenty minutes into the breathing exercise, the emotional and mental tension I was carrying from a few days prior was transforming into intense physical sensations. With sensitive touch and a calming voice, Mary guided my breath toward physical relief and the awareness of what I had experienced – the transmutation and release of emotional/mental tension. The bliss and appreciation is still with me after several weeks.”

Anthony Bradley

Studio Manager/Volunteer, Inspire Life Studio

“I recently had the pleasure of taking a Breath of Bliss workshop with Mary Ellen, accompanied by live music with Michael Cutter. The live music was stellar, thank you Michael. What a powerful and sacred afternoon! Mary Ellen is a truly wonderful facilitator. She is quite talented in creating a container for personal exploration and gracefully holds space for the participant’s findings. Mary Ellen takes her participants on a investigative journey that inevitably grounds us in our bodies so that we can travel beyond our bodies, fosters connection to self and others and reveals many sides to ones experience. This workshop was delightfully playful, deep, loving and reflective. Thank you, Mary Ellen, for a really interesting and powerful workshop! I look forward to taking another!”

Jenna Wilson Duran

“I had never experienced anything remotely like this before. Mary Ellen was an excellent guide and I can’t put into words the sensations that captivated my mind and body. It was nothing short of profound and I look forward to the next journey!”

Andrew Brislin

Needmore Productions

“Mary Ellen’s Breath of Bliss workshop is a time for laughter, connection, introspection and healing. Mary Ellen is a natural at creating a safe space to allow oneself to open the heart. Breathing in love, and exhaling light – an awakening journey I highly recommend!”

Lisa Simms

CSR Instructional Coach, Denver Public Schools

“Mary Ellen lead the course with calm and confidence. She created a safe container to allow the participants to initially connect with each other and later for each to have their own experience. I loved the music and the gentle touch during the Breathwork. I dropped into my breathing so deeply that I forgot all about time and space. A unique and healing experience!”

Anni Wildung

Owner, Graphics Artist, Dissimo LLC

“2nd time… oh the peace!”

Anthony Bradley

Studio Manager/Volunteer, Inspire Life Studio

“Amazing, insightful. The live music was amazing and spirit-filled.”

Simone Pearmon