Breath is so vital to your life and your well-being. Your breath not only nourishes your body with oxygen, it can be a tool for personal development and a connection to Spirit. It can massage your nervous system when you are stressed. It can facilitate deep transformation by giving you a direct line to your subconscious mind. Breath can help you cleanse your emotional and physical bodies. It can also tap you into your deepest desires, connect you to your creative source and bring about invigorating physical sensations. And it always gives you exactly what you need.

Breathwork is the perfect tool to help you:

  • Let go of the things that are holding you back
  • Find creative inspiration
  • Connect deeper with your Source/God/Higher Self
  • Deepen your body/mind connection
  • Meditate easier
  • Experience profound insights that inspire action

If you’re open to trying new ways of self-healing, Breathwork is the perfect practice for you.


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Private Breathwork Sessions are held in-person or on Skype. The beauty of these individual sessions is that I infuse your Breathwork Journey with your own affirmations and mantras. This creates a very personalized experience and has the ability to encode your mantras on a cellular level. Each session includes lazer focused coaching and intention setting, 60-minutes of circular, connected breathing and integration after your Breathwork. One 75- to 90-minute in-person session: $127 Four 75- to 90-minute in-person sessions: $417 75- to 90-minute Skype sessions: $97 Send questions and schedule your sessions at

“Thank you Mary Ellen!  I have engaged in a series of Breathwork sessions with Mary Ellen and each one has been uniquely powerful. I am on an incredible journey of growth and transformation and incorporating Breathwork has enhanced and deepened this journey. Those moments of stillness, of detoxification, and of simply being present are so precious in this very fast-paced and noisy world. The health benefits of deep breathing are numerous from increasing your oxygen, to increased energy, to a better sleep at night. Mary Ellen provides a warm, welcoming and gentle environment as she expertly guides you through each session. She truly is a positive support to anyone seeking to strengthen their health and give love to their body, mind and spirit.”

Casandra Bryant

“Mary Ellen is an incredible facilitator. She creates an authentically safe, fun, and sacred space with which to explore all of the healing and growth possibilities that lie within this amazing form of Breathwork. If you’ve been curious about Breathwork or are simply open to new avenues of personal growth, then I highly suggest checking out one of Mary Ellen’s workshops!”

Tara Nasira