World travel is so good for the soul.

My first time in SE Asia was in January of 2007. I had been out of university for 3 years working in the corporate world as a graphic designer. And I knew I wanted something different for my life. A friend was teaching English in Vietnam and I said “yes that’s what I’m going to do”. So I bought a one-way ticket, put my stuff in my parents basement and left my home state of Colorado for the first time. This was big for me!

I will never forget getting off the plane and seeing a sea of Vietnamese Taxi drivers and my friends face in the crowd. During my first taxi ride and for the next seven months I would be enchanted by the new sights, sounds, and interactions I would experience.

IMG_4355The seven months of teaching English and living in a foreign country was challenging for this introvert, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I learned so much about the world and about myself.

Back to “reality”. When I returned to Colorado I went back to doing design but I still ached for something different.

Fast forward seven years, ready to change my livelihood and do the things that light my heart on fire. I choose a certification program in Breathwork that took place in Bail, Indonesia in September 2014. I spent six-weeks there. Being back in SE Asia felt good, really good. My love for this region was rekindled.

Here’s why I think you must visit SE Asia:

  • You will see poverty. And you will see those same people who don’t have much to their name share the hugest smile and eye contact with you just walking down the street. The people are so heart-open and present with strangers on the street.
  • You will learn to appreciate how good we have it in America. And you will begin to see how unnecessary all of our stuff is.
  • You will laugh your ass off. The Vietnamese, Thai, and Balinese people have the greatest sense of humor.
  • You will be humbled by the generosity. The people in this region don’t own a lot of stuff but they will give you the shirt off their back if you are in need. I’ve heard so many stories and have experienced first hand the way these people give from their heart without expectations of receiving in return.
  • You will see the most beautiful landscapes and beaches and architecture and create the fondest memories of these magical places.
  • You will overcome the obstacles of traveling in a foreign land. This is so good for building your confidence.
  • You will experience the importance of ritual and ceremony. Something we in the west don’t seem to value as much and I think it is lacking in our culture. We have lost touch with the mystery and magic of life itself. Experiencing what daily ritual is like in a place like Bali is the most awe inspiring experience.

I believe traveling anywhere outside of your home country is important. SE Asia is on the top of my “you must do this” list. It’s a big world out there and for most of the people inhabiting this earth they do not have many options for travel. Seize your opportunity and open your heart to the beautiful people of SE Asia.