If you’re like me you’ve probably learned somewhere along the way that it’s better to take care of others needs than it is to take care of yourself. You may even feel guilty about doing things for yourself. Even simple things like spending time alone reading or buying a nice outfit. Going on vacation is out of the question (because the family or coworkers “can’t do it without me”).

Or maybe you feel like you’re not worth it, you can’t afford it, or any number of other reasons why you don’t take care of your own needs.

Did you see your parents living this way or were you told it’s better to give than to receive?

I know you struggle with taking care of all of your daily demands (work, groceries, laundry), attending to your relationships and taking care of everything else. You probably feel overwhelmed and completely drained by the end of the day. Who has time for self-care, right?

Well I’m here to say take care of yourself first and everything else will feel more manageable. We are both caring, nurturing, sensitive humans and we want the best for our loved ones. Oftentimes we put others needs before our own and then we feel burnt out and resentful.

In case you need a reminder… You are the most important person in your life.

If you don’t take care of yourself you sure as hell won’t be taking care of anyone else.

When you spend time nurturing yourself you feel more energized and able to tackle all of the modern day demands.

It’s my hope the following list reminds you that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish or super time consuming, but that it’s necessary.

Hello Gorgeous | Simply Mary EllenMake this a game. Because life is meant to be fun, and games make everything more fun. See how many self-nurturing activities you can check off by the end of the year. Or pick one and do it everyday for a month. Whatever sounds fun to you.

Download the Self-Nurturing Checklist and your Hello Gorgeous Wallpaper to remind you how amazing you are and that you deserve to nurture yourself everyday.

Here’s the list: 101 Ways to Love and Nurture Yourself Today

  1. Stop and smell the roses… fresh laundry… ocean breeze… what ever makes you happy.
  2. Meditate. Find a style that you enjoy. Even 5 minutes a day makes such a difference to your overall wellbeing and strengthens your intuition.
  3. Commit to a gratitude practice. Count your blessings everyday and feel deep appreciation for all you have.
  4. Breathe. Often when we are feeling anxious or fearful about some thing we are not breathing. Pay attention to your breath and practice fully filling your lungs. This is one of the simplest tools to calm your nervous system and reset your day.
  5. Read a book. Not a kids book (unless of course kids books make you happy). Read a book just for you.
  6. Listen to your favorite music. Turn it up and dance it out.
  7. Choose a healthy, nutritional detox program to reset and feel great.
  8. Practice Breathwork. Learn more.
  9. Do yoga. There are tons of 20 minute yoga classes on YouTube.
  10. Snuggle with your fur baby.
  11. Take a long (or short) bath. Light a candle and add some essential oils to make it extra special.
  12. Spend and afternoon at the bookstore. Really, take a long lunch and go to the bookstore. Who does that! Well… people who really love to nurture themselves do. (I did this on my birthday and it felt amazing!)
  13. Play hooky from work and do whatever your heart desires.
  14. Journal. Write about whatever comes to mind.
  15. Make a bucket list. Make a list of 50-100 or more things you will do
  16. Turn the radio up and sing in your car.
  17. Go for a hike.
  18. Take a bike ride.
  19. Find a sunny spot in the park, sit down, close your eyes and just listen.
  20. Listen to your intuition.
  21. Get a professional massage.
  22. Go to the gym.
  23. Imagine what you would do with a million dollars.
  24. Buy yourself a nice new outfit. There’s nothing like retail therapy, right! While I don’t condone doing this often, getting a new outfit once in a while can sure make you feel good.
  25. Travel. Pick a place, get time off work, book your tickets and go! There’s noting quite like having a fun vacation to look forward to. And then you get to go and really enjoy the adventure.
  26. Make a list of all of your strengths and qualities.
  27. Tell yourself you love yourself every single day. See how that changes your outlook on life.
  28. Give yourself a full blown hug.
  29. Sign up for that class you’ve been wanting to take. Go to the class.
  30. Work with a life coach to help you uncover your passions and purpose.
  31. Buy yourself flowers just because.
  32. Get a pedicure or manicure. Or better yet both!
  33. Get an intuitive reading.
  34. Declutter your desk, junk drawer, closet. Commit to declutter one small area in your home and see how good it feels. Do more if you’re still
    motivated just don’t start too many projects at once, focus on small areas.
  35. Ask for help. Many times we feel like we have to do it all ourselves. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by something don’t be afraid to ask for help. If the first person you ask says no ask someone else until you find some support. Support is out there you just have
  36. Read your favorite magazine.
  37. Create a vision board.
  38. Connect with nature.
  39. Create a morning ritual and stick to it. Meditation, exercise, warm lemon water, oil pulling, these are all good places to start.
  40. Take a walk. If you are feeling stuck in a project or just not feeling
    motivated or inspired taking a walk can be just the thing to get your
    creative juices flowing.
  41. Make a list of all of your accomplishments.
  42. Make a list of 5 affirmations and mantras and begin to say them to yourself on a regular basis.
  43. Buy some art or craft supplies and make a unique creation.
  44. Go to a movie. Invite your besite or go alone.
  45. Do a forgiveness ritual.
  46. Volunteer to your favorite charity or find a new organization to help out.
  47. Create a sacred pleasure box full of all your favorite things; teas, essential oils, crystals.
  48. Create an altar for your sacred pleasure box. Decorate your altar with all the beautiful things you enjoy.
  49. Sit quietly and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
  50. Take a positive affirmation walk by saying your affirmations with every step. Every time you find your mind wander just go back to your affirmation.
  51. Drink plenty of water.
  52. Practice saying no.
  53. Join a Meetup group and participate regularly.
  54. Take 100% responsibility for the results you are getting in life. Spend a
    moment thinking about where you are blaming others for your experience. How can you own your thoughts, emotions, and actions and empower yourself to change your situation?
  55. Forgive. Blame, hate and resentment, can all cause great upset to your
    inner peace. The only person you are hurting is yourself. Make a list of everyone you need to forgive and then forgive in the way that feels right.
  56. Go to a concert.
  57. Make a healthy breakfast for yourself every morning for a week. See how that makes you feel.
  58. Hang out with your favorite children and play. Go roller skating, play hide and seek, teach them a game you haven’t played since you were young. Just play and have fun!
  59. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  60. Browse art galleries.
  61. Change your routine, take a different route to work, eat lunch outside versus at your desk, make your lunch the night before. Changing up our routine helps to rewire our brains and creates new neuropathways. This literally gets you out of a rut.
  62. Say no. It’s ok to say no and a very healthy way to set boundaries with
    people and to honor your time and energy.
  63. Take a digital detox. Turn off email, phone, tv, facebook and any other application or gadget you use. Do this for a day or longer and see how much clearer you feel.
  64. Mind your mindset. Be kind to yourself and pay attention to your self talk. If you notice mean thoughts, calmly overwrite those thoughts with something loving. Something you would say to a most adored person. Make that most adored person you.
  65. Begin to replace all of your body and beauty products with natural,
    chemical free options.
  66. Take a nap.
  67. Take your shoes off and walk through the grass.
  68. Plant some beautiful flowers.
  69. Treat yourself to some dark chocolate
  70. Spend an hour in a float tank.
  71. Spend an hour star gazing with your favorite person or two.
  72. Believe in yourself. Make a list of all the reasons you are great.
  73. Write yourself love notes and hide them around the house.
  74. Dedicate the last 30 minutes of your day to you. Unplug and unwind.
  75. Do a full moon or new moon ceremony.
  76. Listen to your inner child.
  77. Declutter your email inbox.
  78. Spend some time going though old photos and reminisce about how much you’ve grown.
  79. Get outside and soak up the sun. Many of us are depleted in vitamin D because of too many long hours inside.
  80. Do a chakra balancing meditation.
  81. Laugh.
  82. Go to the local farmer’s market a purchase some nourishing food.
  83. Forgive yourself for past mistakes.
  84. Go to a wellness retreat.
  85. Share your vulnerability with friends and family.
  86. Purchase some crystals and stones for their healing properties. Keep them on you or around the house to remind you of the intentions behind the stones.
  87. Daydream.
  88. Pay someone to clean your house and use the extra hours to do
    something really fun.
  89. Go to a sporting event.
  90. Color in a coloring book.
  91. Go window shopping on a nice day.
  92. Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings without judgment.
  93. Celebrate all of your successes, big wins and mini accomplishments.
  94. Add “me time” to your weekly calendar and commit to that time just for you.
  95. Have a difficult conversation with a loved one or coworker and notice how relieved you feel after.
  96. Rewatch and old favorite movie.
  97. Learn how to play an instrument.
  98. Call and old friend.
  99. Visit a museum.
  100. Play in the rain.
  101. Download the Self-Nurturing Checklist and use the spaces at the end to type in all of the things you always say you want to do but never make the time for. Do it! You deserve it.

Start small, start simple, but just start taking the time for self-nurturing and you will see how much easier it is to show up for everyone else in your life.

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment about what you thought of the checklist or any other self-care practices you love to do.

Mary Ellen